Vastu Shastra Fellowship Program

Welcome to the fellowship program of Auro University in association with Gharpedia. Gharpedia is looking for B- Arch fresher or a final year student who is capable in in-depth research on Vastu Shastra and Modern Architecture.

Here are the details of Fellowship program:

Details of the Fellowship Program

Name of the Fellowship:

Gharpedia fellowship on “The comparative study of Ancient Vastu Shastra and Principles of Modern Architecture”.

1. What is GharPedia Fellowship?

GharPedia Fellowship is an intensive, 2-year Professional Program on “The comparative study of Ancient Vastu Shastra and Principles of Modern Architecture”.

2. Objects of Fellowship:

  1. To study, compare and relate the Ancient Vastu Principles, Philosophy and Guidelines with the principles of Modern Architecture, Building Physics and Engineering.
  2. To research whether the Vastu Guidelines are only for India or Global in context to space and time.
  3. To study the ancient literature on Vastu Shastra and Modern Architecture with all possible references.
  4. To bring about the scientific and logical philosophy of Vastu Shahstra and compare and relate it with Modern Architecture.
  5. To study and review Vastu Shashtra in relation to modern construction practices, modern technology, New age Materials and emerging urban life style.
  6. Reviewing and Analysing the Vastu Shastra related data or guidelines given by the Architects & Vastu Consultants.
  7. To present the unscientific practices followed by the society in the name of Vastu Shastra which otherwise has no backing of Vastu Shastra.
  8. To educate people on all above aspects.


After conducting the detailed research and study, the fellow will prepare, compile and submit the dissertation for final approval by University.

During the fellowship duration the fellow will be paid a fellowship by Gharpedia for the total months of study.

3. What exactly will Fellow do at Auro?

The major role of Fellow is to study in details the classical ancient literature on Vastu and related subjects and literature i.e. Mayamattam, Architecture of Manasara and many others to understand the several aspects of Vastu Shastra and compare it with modern architecture on scientific, cultural and philosophical basis.

As a fellow, over the two-years of fellowship, fellow will also consult and interview the Vastu consultants, Architects, Engineers, academians and faculty at University to understand the principles and practices of Vastu Shastra and how they are related to concepts of the modern architecture and engineering.

At the end fellow will submit the dissertation, which can also be published in a form of book, the copyright of which will be of gharpedia. However, the book shall be in the name of fellow as an author with due credit to Auro University and its Mentoring faculty. However GharPedia shall have right to publish all or part contents of dissertation on “as it is ” or in a modified and edited manner without deviating from the core message on its website or other mediums for wider publicity and spread of knowledge for educating people at large. This publication may or may not be for profit and if for profit, gharpedia shall have exclusive right to it. The author will be entitled to royalty as per standard business practices.

 4. What do Fellows do after two years?

Fellow has a preference to join the GharPedia team or otherwise he/she can pursue their choice of career on their own.

 5. Why is this Fellowship program created?

The core object of the program is that the society gets clear idea on the Competitive Study of Vastu Shastra & its philosophy and relate with Modern Architecture principles on scientific, cultural and philosophical basis.

India today also faces a serious leadership crisis in every domain alongwith cultural crisis. The top minds of the top colleges in our country are busy running after personal success. The sponsors feel the need to guide the talented young mind to actively engage with solving the myriad problems plaguing the country today. This will help touch one of such problems.

6. What kind of support will the fellows get during the 2-year period?

Gharpedia will grant fellowship for the unique philosophy of encouraging and supporting youth to take risks and build entrepreneurial skills. GharPedia fellowship provides: an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs. 25,000 (taxable). Transportation allowance to commute at gharpedia office (when required), to consult professionals and other allowances (If any) shall be reimbursed separately.

 7. Role of Auro University & GharPedia!

Auro University:

a.        To define & guide the process and methodology of study & research

b.        To mentor the fellow for arriving at conclusions

c.         To provide all resources in terms of books, journals, etc…

d.        To guide for preparation of ultimate dissertation which will also interest common people apart from scholars and academicians.

e.        To arrange a seminar on the subject, if possible.


a.        To clearly define the objects

b.        To guide the fellow for arriving at comparative study

c.         To guide to review and publish the study in an user friendly language.

d.        To help by providing technical inputs, arranging site visits, interviews etc.

e.        To publish concluded articles periodically on, which will help in interacting with common people at large and arriving at broader conclusions.

f.          To educate people at large based on the conclusion of the study.

 8. Do Fellows get holidays?

Yes. Holidays for the entire Fellowship Program are scheduled to fit in with the Auro University/gharpedia calendar.

9. Can I stay at home and join the Fellowship? 

No. GharPedia Fellowship is a free time program. Since the fellowship is all about developing professional competencies, staying in office/University and sharing knowledge with other fellows/colleague is necessary.


The fellow will have full liberty to present this dissertation for Doctorate degree at university of his / her choice.

11. Qualification required for fellowship

a.        Qualification: B-Arch (fresher or experienced -Final year students can also apply)

b.        Knowledge of Sanskrit language is preferred.

c.      The selection will be done by inviting candidates through open advertisements. The selection will be done by University in consultation with gharpedia.

d.        The university will award Degree or certificate to the Fellow as permissible under its rules and regulations.

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